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Anröchter DolomitsteinAnröchter Dolomitstein
Anröchter DolomitsteinAnröchter Dolomitstein
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What do the Paul Löbe Building (Bundestag), the Central Library in Denver, USA and the Limburgs Museum in Venlo, Netherlands have in common?
It’s simple, they’ve all been built using Anroechter stone. All over the world Anroechter stone is setting new trends for interior and exterior decorating: in homes and office buildings, museums, shopping centers, hotels, universities, banks and hospitals, even in private and public landscape gardening.
Here is an excerpt of our list of references:

American Mission Hospital (Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain - Flooring)

French Embassy (Mali,Africa - Flooring)

Hafencity (Hamburg - Flooring, stairs)

Archive (Dresden - Flooring, stairs)

City villas "Europagarten" (Frankfurt - Flooring, stairs)

Airport Geneva (Switzerland - Flooring)
MEXX shops (globally - Flooring)
UCD Health+Science (Dublin, Ireland - Flooring)

The Atrium Building (Microsoft) (Dublin, Ireland - Flooring, Wall Cladding)
Tipperary Civic Office (Tipperary, Irleand - Flooring)
Allied Irish Bank (Dublin, Ireland - Facade)
Lucas Andreas Hospital (Amsterdam, Netherlands - Flooring, stairs)
Limburgs Museum (Venlo, Netherlands - Flooring)
Eusebiushof – Stadskantoor (Arnheim, Netherlands - Facade)
Central Library (Denver, USA - Facade, Flooring)

Vodafone Sandyford (Dublin, Ireland - Wall Cladding)
College Grinnell (Grinnell, USA - Flooring, stairs)
The Mall and Robinson Town Center (Pittsburgh, USA - Flooring)
Department of Justice (Berlin - Flooring)
Humboldt University (Berlin - Flooring)
Paul Löbe Building, Bundestag (Berlin - Flooring, stairs)
Mari Elis.Lüders Building, Bundestag (Berlin - Flooring, stairs)
Cultural Institute of Hungary (Berlin - Flooring)
Inner Courtyard, royal Direktion (Berlin - Patio)
Oberstufenzentrum Körperpflege (Berlin - Flooring, stairs, baseboards)
Kondominiums, Tieck-/Borsigstraße (Berlin - Facade, parapet stone plates)
Office Building, Wilmersdorferstr. 117 (Berlin - Flooring, wall panels, stairs)
German Red Cross Headquarters (Berlin - Flooring, stairs)
Evangelisches Lutherstift (Frankf./O. - Flooring, wall panels)
Aquarium swimming pool (Schwedt - Flooring, stairs, baseboards)
College (Stralsund - Flooring, stairs)
Bezirksamt Eimsbüttel (Hamburg - Façade)
St. Adolf-Stift (Reinbek - Flooring, baseboards)
Beach promenade (Timmendorf - Benches)
Karl-Marx School (Bremerhafen - Ashlars, polygonal floor slabs)
Seelhorster Garden (Hannover - Flooring, stairs)
Office Building (Kassel - Stone walling panels)
Siemens AG Testing Center (Wegberg - Flooring)
Police headquarters (Hamm - Flooring, stairs, baseboards)
Prison (Hamm - Cover panels)
Klinik-Kloster-Paradiese (Soest - Flooring)
Brücke Niederbergheim (Warstein - Wall covering (split-face stone))
Klingel Department Store (Pforzheim - Flooring)
PSD Bank (Karlsruhe - Flooring, stairs, baseboards)
German Red Cross (Dresden - Flooring, stairs)
Bio Instrument Center (Jena - Flooring, stairs)

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