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Anröchter Dolomitstein
Anröchter DolomitsteinAnröchter Dolomitstein
Anröchter Dolomitstein
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Anroechter stone is extracted in large stone quarries at a depth of around 15 meters. Divided by a thin layer of clay at the center, the stone is extracted in two layers. These layers are distinguished by their coloring, the lower layer is green and the upper layer blue.
As in all other industrial sectors, heavy equipment is used in our quarry for the complex stone-extracting process.
The use of modern machinery guarantees that the native rock is extracted in an ecologically compatible way.
With drills and hydraulic tools, immense pressure is built up in the drill holes, splitting the rock along the row of holes. Great blocks of stone can be extracted gently with this method.

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Anröchter Dolomitstein
Anröchter Dolomitstein
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