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Anröchter Dolomitstein
Anröchter DolomitsteinAnröchter Dolomitstein
Anröchter Dolomitstein
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Owing to its glauconite deposits, Anroechter stone is available in two colors: blue and green.
The term glauconite originates from the Greek glaukos evoking the brightness of the sky, the sea, and the human eye, thus blue and green.
Blue is for calm, depth, vastness and repose, while green stands for relaxation, harmony and well-being.
For creative coloring, Anroechter stone offers many possibilities, lending an individual touch to your living environment. When used in designing living spaces, Anroechter stone is an authentic product bestowing natural elegance when combined with modern architectural components such as glass, steel and exotic wood.

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Anröchter Dolomitstein
Anröchter Dolomitstein
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